A 2 Click Flare Variation

This is a scratch pattern I discovered yesterday, it’s basically a 2 click flare with an added bit of style. Here I’m just going to break down how I came up with it and also post a little video so you can see how it sounds.

When I first came up with this I knew I wanted 4 sounds in the scratch so I took a 2 click flare (3 sounds) and added a fast pull back to make 4 sounds…nothing new about that.

The next thing I did was start the flare from a different place, so rather than starting with the fader open I started with the fader closed making the first sound the sound after the first click of the flare.

Finally I alternated the speed/distance of the pull back and go this funky scratch as the result.

And here is the all important video:

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Let me know what you think.

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