Flowing with Crescent Flares

A few days ago there was a thread (started by dooban) over at Digital Vertigo talking about how to actually incorperate crescent flares into your flow. This instantly caught my interest because I’ve had this exact conversation with people before and it seems a lot of people seem to learnt how to do crescent flares then never actually do them because they can’t find out how to flow with them.

Someone else then mentioned that crescent flares could be interchanged easily with 3 click flares. By pure coincedence, I had been cutting over fast electro beats for the past few days (I normally cut over slower beats) and while cutting to the faster beat I seemed to keep coming back to 3 click flares. So the obvious thing to do was to have a go at switching back and forth to crescent flares, this seemed easy enough and after playing around a bit more I suddenly discovered a few other uses and combinations which work well with crescent flares:

chirp crescent flares

Exactly the same as chirp flares but with an extra click in between the 2 flares. It sounds like a chirp flare bit with sharps sounds on the flare bit.

chirp flares/crescent flares

A little extension on the previous one, basically mix it up a bit, do a chip then a flare orbit then a chip then a crescent flare then a chirp then a flare obit etc. You can stick to the pattern or start to mix it up a bit.

flare crescent flares

If you’re doing flare orbits you can chuck the extra click in there to create a crescent flare…so switching between flares and crescent flares are quite easy.

flares to reverse crescent flares

If you’re feeling adventurous when doing the last one then instead of adding the extra click at the end of the forward motion you can do it as the end of the backward motion creating a reverse crescent flare.

escaping from from the chirp flare hell hole with 3 click flares

Like dexterous said going between crescent flares and 3 click flares works well and if like me you get stuck in the chirp flare void from time to time then you can switch into a crescent flare then to a 3 click flare and you have escaped!

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