DJ Babu’s Blind Alley Juggle Explained

Whenever the question “What is your favourite beat juggle?” is asked on a message board you can guarentee that it won’t take long for someone to mention DJ Babu’s Juggle with Blind Alley by The Emotions. There is a good reason for this; it is a fantastically musical juggle and a joy to just listen to, in fact whenever I hear the song played without the juggle is sounds wrong to me because I like what Babu did to it so much.

So what I have decided to do is make this little video explaining how this juggle is done, this is purely for educational purposes. Some people may disagree with learning other peoples juggles, I think it is ok so long as you only use it to learn and do not perform it or claim it as your own. Rob Swift once said (in Scratch The Movie I think) that he used to learn other DJ’s juggles right down to the mistakes they made in the video.

This is the first time I’ve learn someone else’s entire juggle, I’ve picked out patterns before but not the complete routine and I’ve got to said I had a lot of fun trying to break it down. As I started to learn this juggle I realised that for the most part it’s just based around 1 pattern but being used with different parts of the records, the rest of the juggle is pretty much little fill patterns. It is also quite a relaxed juggle, there is only one place where you have to do a quick movement.

So without another word, here is the video…

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After recording this I noticed I missed a few trivial bits out at the beginning but they are not complicated.

If you want to try this juggle and can’t find copies of the record (I’m not sure how easy it is to get hold of the originals) then you can find it on Ultimate Breaks & Beats 24, the nice thing about Ultimate Breaks & Beats records is that they are available as a single 12″ record or a double pack containing 2 copies perfect for the juggler. Also for DVS users (Serato ScratchLive, Final Scratch, Traktor Scratch, etc) you can buy a DVD with the entire series on it, which is certainly a useful thing to own!

DISCLAIMER: I hope that should DJ Babu find out about this that he’ll see it as a mark of respect rather that an act of theft, should he request for me to remove this video then I would without question.


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