Creating Live Remixes Using Serato ScratchLive

This is a great little trick I like to do with Serato ScratchLive. It can involve a little bit of juggling and looping but it doesn’t really have to, so long as you can drop a record in on time you can have endless fun with this.


In order to do this you will need Serato ScratchLive version 1.8 or above, you’ll also need to be using relative mode, Drop to Cue enabled and some cue points set up on your track.

Choosing the Track and Setting Your Cue Points

As with most things you can pretty much use any track and choose where to put the cue points based on your own ideas, however to have the most impact I find it good to choose tracks with quite obvious different sections and set my cue points to each of those sections.

When I say obvious different sections what I mean is when the track change quite dramatically, for example the drums change rhythm or the bass line makes a big change or the whole track changes key, etc. Also marking up the beginnings of breaks or choruses etc. is probably a good idea.


What this really amounts to is jumping about between the cue points to re-arrange the track, but you can also include juggling techniques and mix different parts of the track together with each other.

So this is basically how you do it, once you have the track that you want to “remix” you then load up the same track on the other turntable and set the turntable pitch and mixer levels & EQs to match the playing track (much in the same way as you would if you were about to juggle). You can now use the needle to drop to different cue points and re-arrange the track.

When I do this I like to use techniques such as looping, doubling & echoing to make the remix a bit more interesting.

Video Example

Rather than explain anymore I’ll just show you how it’s done.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The vid is a bit sloppy but hopefully you get the idea.

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