Fast Symmetrical Autobahn

As you can see I’m still playing with patterns which have evolved from the autobahn scratch. When I first saw the autobahn scratch on Skratchlopedia Breaktanica I just thought was a nice combo, I never thought it would open up the doors to so many interesting new scratches for me.

The combo I want to talk about here is an extension to fast autobahn which is done with a sort of tiplet timing, if you don’t know how this scratch is done read my previous post about this scratch. If you look at the original scratch you can see it’s the same pattern repeated moving forwards through the record then a quick pull back:

To me the obvious thing to try from here was to instead move forward through the record then move backward in the same way. This is what I came up with:

How to do the Combo

Basically you start with the fader closed, open it, do a baby scratch and close the fader at the end. Then you open the fader and move the record forward and click it closed again. Next you repeat that pattern exactly the same again.

Now you have moved forwards through the record twice and it’s time to reverse it and come back. To do this you open the fader and do a baby scratch backwards closing the fader at the end. You then open the fader and pull the record backwards clicking the fader at the end. Finally repeat that last backwards pattern and that’s the complete combo.


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