Update on what’s going on.

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates I’ve made to the site recently, as often happens life & work have got in the way and I still find myself stuggling to find the time to do the things I want to do. That being said I want to keep this site going and share the things I learn so I’d just like to run something by you guys…

The way this website works is that when I learn or discover something new or think of something useful with regards to scratching or being more creative with the turntables I try to share it as best I can through the site for others to learn.

The problem is that to be honest recently I’ve not been learning anything new in that area at all, I’ve hardly been scratching or doing any form of DJing at all, the reason for this is that I’ve been spending alot more time working on producing music instead.

So my first question would is would anyone out there be instested if I started adding tutorials about production as well as turntablism, it would probably be stuff along the line of synthesis techniques, mix downs and processing?

My second question is about reviews, I’ve always stayed away from reviewing music or equipment on the site because there are many people out there already doing it and probably a lot better than I would. I’ve always wanted this site to offer something a little different to the other sites so I’ve held back on just posting up anything and instead focused on posting things which I think might be helpful and somewhat unique. However now I’m thinking that the more subjects I have the more I can write about so would you guys be interested in that or not?

Finally I have actually written up 1 or 2 articles on scratching some time I ago, I just need to record the videos and draw the diagrams, I will try and do that as soon as possible, sorry for keeping you all waiting!

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