This site was previously called X2K Music which was a site I set up to try to provide quality and straight forward information on DJing, electronic music production and event promtion as well as a community forum. I did have some success with the site and for a period it had an active community running however due to a decrease in the time I had available to work on the site and some technical issues activity on the site started to slow down and I didn’t have time to think about, write and add new content. And so sometime in 2005 I left the site for dead.

About me and what I do

I have owned a set of turntables and played records since the mid 90s, in the beginning I was playing electronic dance music and was quite restrictive in what genres I played. After some years of mixing records I started to learning to scratch, beat juggle and be a bit more creative. About this time I started to open up to playing a much wider selection of music, and recently I’ve been able to start playing an even wider selection thanks to Serato ScratchLive!

While my mixing abilities and tune selection is able to get me gigs I now spend far more time scratching than doing anything else and even though I put in quite a bit of effort I very much consider myself a scratch novice. I understand all the theory and I can do all the basic techniques which are all handed to you on a plate these days (mostly thanks to DJ Qbert). My continuous struggle is to try and develop some funk, flow, consistency and new combos to get beyond that point of just knowing the techniques.

About the new site

So this is the new site, since I didn’t want x2k.co.uk to go to waste I have decided to revive the site but rather than try to write content and tutorials I have decided that I’m going to use it as a blog to pass on my most recent scratching achievements. Hopefully this will help other people who are in the same position as myself and are trying to move on from the basics. I will be posting up the latest combos I have learnt or discovered and things I learn or changed which make important progressions in my learning process and hopefully this will help others.

I am also going to use this site as an outlet for the music I play. It seems that I am always trying to rebel against myself, I always want to play the music no one wants me to play; If people are asking me to play at drum & bass nights then I want to be playing hip hop, if people ask me to play hip hop then I want to play techno, etc. So via this site I hope to podcast monthly (ish) mixes of the music I am feeling in the moment, hopefully someone will enjoy them!

The Beat Juggling Tutorial

Since this was so popular on the old site I’ve decided to bring it across to the new one. In the process I’ve also added some new bits and put up the missing videos. I hope you enjoy them.